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ylibc is a community of software developers, researchers, and students who share common interests.




  1. These rules are subject to change at any time
  2. It's not complicated -- use common sense and please be respectful of others' views, time, and efforts
  3. Please do not complain about your colleagues or bring personal/work drama here
  4. No politics except for relevant policy/industry news
  5. All other topics are on-topic until they're not -- make room for real discussion, but feel free to speak up about anything
  6. Strong/unpopular opinions are welcome, but this is an evidence-based community; no conspiracy theories
  7. Take care of yourself. Famous last words: "I'm only in two IRC channels at the moment and I don't see the number growing very rapidly so I think productivity wont be harmed so much"
  8. Recognize that everyone comes with different backgrounds and that minutiae to one might be purview of another. Experts think everything they know is obvious

Computing Resources

Community members may have access to special computing resources on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rules apply.
Shell accounts (with public_html directory) are available to active members only.
If you need hardware or virtual computing resources/infrastructure for your FOSS project(s), please ask.